Policy 6120


Curriculum Services


Curriculum Guides 

Written curriculum guides shall be developed and Board approved for implementation in the following areas K-12: 

1.         English/Language Arts 

2.         Social Studies 

3.         Mathematics 

4.         Science 

5.         Foreign Language

6.         Health, Safety and Physical Education 

7.         Fine Arts (Visual and Performing Arts) 

8.         Practical Arts and Vocational Programs (Business, Industrial Technology, and Family and Consumer Science) 

9.         Counseling and Guidance 

Health education is to include drug education and AIDS education as mandated by federal legislation. 

Curriculum Guides at all levels will include a philosophy statement and sections defining behavioral goals and objectives reflecting content standards, teaching resources, and evaluation criteria reflecting performance standards. Each Guide will include strategies for interdisciplinary studies and cooperative classroom implementation.

Board Approved 2/21/2008

Re-Approved 2/22/2013