GENERAL ADMINISTRATION                                                                Policy 1471


School/Community Relations


Memorials and Memorial Services


Memorials and Memorial Services shall be treated as follows:


  1. Any memorial contributions generated by schoolmates will be limited to educational resources (i.e. books, videos, etc.), living memorials (i.e. trees, flowers, etc.) or items related to appropriate extra curricular activities.  In no case will identifying labels or pictures be an acceptable part of the memorial contributions by friends or families.  A memorial plaque signifying the gift may be displayed.
  2. Memorial contributions made by family or friends can be directed to individual or general scholarships, educational resources, living memorials, items related to extra curricular activities or facilities.  Scholarship plaques will remain as long as the scholarship or award is in effect.  Once the scholarship or award is no longer active, those who presented the plaque may request its return.
  3. No funeral or memorial service will be held on school property unless approved by committee composed of the president, vice president, and treasurer of the school board. However, the student body may participate in a brief time of remembrance.  The family of the deceased will be notified prior to the time of remembrance.



Board Approved, updated on 4/15/2010











Adpoted 5/23/06