The Foundation has a list of alumni classes from 1932 to 2000. We are working towards building connections among alumni. If your class is not listed, please contact Judith Matteson at 660-564-2377. We would also like to collect email addresses. Please email Janice Borey at the email listed below if you would like to add your email to the list.

Alumni Addresses by Class    

We are in the process of creating a database of addresses for alumni. If you would like for your address to be listed, please contact Judith Matteson at 660-564-2377 or email her at jude_matteson@grantcity.net and let her know that you would like to have your address included on this site.

Alumni Emails

Contact Janice Borey at jborey@wc.k12.mo.us to add your name and email to the list.

Worth County Alumni Association

Carolyn (Lynch) Hardy is head of the alumni association and would appreciate hearing from you! Please call her at 660-564-3551 if you have information concerning alumni.

Sheridan Alumni Association  

The school of Sheridan, Missouri also has an alumni association. Shan Hopkins is in charge of this and can be reached at 660-799–2535.   

Worth County Tiger Talk Facebook Page